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  • Phone: (111) 222-3333
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  • Mailing Address: 2707 Congress Street Ste. #2G San Diego, CA 92110



What We Believe

    “Jesus is Life!”

  • Scripture- the Bible is the inspired word of God and is the authority for all we believe and do. Scripture teaches us that Jesus is God in the flesh.  He is our Savior and the Leader of our lives. (John 1, 2 Timothy 3)
  • Worship- we exist to glorify God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit through our actions corporately and individually. (Psalm 103)


“Growing People Change”

  • Growth- we desire to grow in our love and knowledge of Jesus which leads us to take faith steps for Him. (Romans 12)


“Made to Serve”

  • Service- we desire to pursue justice in our world and serve others in humility. (Micah 6)


“An Empty Seat is a Serious Matter”

  • Outreach- we live to serve and proclaim Jesus to the communities in which we live and to the world. (Matthew 28)


“We Church Not Me Church”

  • Authentic Community- we value relationships that exemplify both truth and grace. We strive for unity and to be a community of prayers. (Acts 2)