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Facility Reservation

Facility Reservation

Please fill in the information below.  Someone from the church office will contact you within 2 business days to confirm the reservation after ensuring the space is available for your request.


Type in start and end time of reservation

Facility Location to be reserved (see applicable fees below)*

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Please describe how you need the space to be set up with tables and chairs (if none are needed, please put "N/A")

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The following fees apply for a non-church sponsored event

Please note that your reservation is not complete until it is confirmed by the church office AND payment has been made.

Please check applicable fee

  1. Bring your payment to the church office
  2. Mail your payment to the church office
  3. Click the button to pay online (will appear after you submit this form)

For non church sponsored events, it should be noted that apart from the appliances including coffee maker, there are no other kitchen goods available to be used by anyone. Anything else in the kitchen area is property of the church or ministries and is not available for others to use. The appliances may be used, but everything else that you will need to prepare or serve any refreshments you will have must be brought in by the person/group that is using the facility.


When you click the button below to send to the church office, you are also signing electronically and agree to the details of this form.